St Simon’s Episcopal Church


Our Vestry & Staff

We are proud to announce our new pastoral leader, the Reverend Jane Weston. Jane brings a wealth of worldly experience to our parish and is in the church office from Monday through Wednesday every week. You can contact her by phone on 770 483 3242.

The Apostle Simon

  1. Known as the Zealot (the Zealots were a political party) or Canaanite

  2. Actually he was neither: the titles are a misunderstanding of  the Hebrew word qana, meaning zealous

  3. St Simon is the patron saint of sawyers and leatherworkers

  4. His feast day is 28 October

  5. St Simon is often pictured with a saw, by which he was supposedly martyred. He has several symbols; we prefer that of the fish and the Bible, signifying his work as a ‘fisher of people’, using the Gospel as bait

We believe that God has a purpose - or ministry - for each of us on this earth and, to that end, has given each of us unique gifts. Our goal at St Simon’s is to help each other discern those gifts and put them to use in God’s service and greater glory. Fr Dan (who also serves on the Diocesan Committee for discernment) nurtures, supports and trains us, helping us to realise the special purpose that Christ has for each one of us. Our church motto reminds us: “Built by faith, serving each other, growing in Grace ...”  We hope that you will “Come join us on our journey”.

Statement of Mission

“With the help of Jesus Christ, through prayer, study, faith and stewardship, we gather to bear witness to God’s presence in our lives and to be a beacon of God’s grace to our neighbors”

based on Matthew 5:14

Welcome to our church family! We are glad you have visited with us and sincerely hope you will visit again soon. Looking for a church home is not always an easy undertaking but we hope and pray that God will help you to find the faith community that is right for you and your family.

Our website will help to give you an idea of who we are and what we have to offer you. As you learn more about us, we hope you will join us for those fellowship events that are of interest to you.  It is important that you feel comfortable with our worship and our staff and also that you get to know us as individuals.

Built by faith, serving each other, growing in Grace.

Come join us on our journey

Sunday Schedule

8.00 am

Holy Eucharist

10.30 am Holy Eucharist with music; Christian Education for Children & Young Adults

The late service on Sundays includes Children’s Church and childcare and we have Coffee Hour afterwards. This is a good time to visit and get to know people. We would love to meet you; do come and see us. We’re right next to Pine Log Park on Highway 138.

Our Priest-in-Charge

The Vestry is our governing body. Vestry members are elected and serve for a fixed term. Each Vestry member has responsibility for a particular ministry. We also have salaried staff: the Director of Music, the Treasurer and the Parish Administrator.

Senior Warden: David Neville

Junior Warden: Gale Thomas-Jones

Susan Collins - Christian Education

Henry Hine - Stewardship

Marjorie Lewars - New Member Assimilation

Matthew Love -

Janelle Parchment - Fellowship

Claudette Seales - Buildings & Grounds

Lindsay Stirling - Communications (currently absent)

Director of Music - Anne Cruz

Treasurer - Annette Harmon

Parish Administrator -

Left: some examples of

the beautiful stained

glass that adorns our church

Who We Are

We are a small, family-friendly church serving the parish of Conyers, east of Atlanta, Georgia. Our church was founded by a few local families in 1964. (You can read our history here.)

Our 50th anniversary year sees our congregation expanded and enriched by members from all over the United States, the Caribbean, Guyana and Europe. Wherever you hail from, you are welcome at St Simon’s!